These Social Media Worthy Amenities Rank Highest on Airbnb

Amenities can make or break a vacation according to a survey commissioned by Airbnb. Following accommodations, US travelers say amenities have the second biggest impact on vacation quality ahead of shopping/dining, location, culture and family/friends.

To discover what travelers really want when booking accommodations, Airbnb looked at its highest searched for amenities globally and found some surprising results. People would rather stay cool than connected with air conditioning appearing above WiFi. And while practical things like kitchens and washers are important, nothing beats that Instagrammable pool.

Here are the 10 most searched for amenities on Airbnb featured in dreamy Plus homes verified for comfort and quality and just a sampling of what is available on the platform.

Villa with Incredible Views (Barcelona, Spain)

#1 Pool

Everyone loves the luxury of a pool. From saltwater to infinity to plunge pools, Airbnb has you covered. Don’t forget to pack your sunglasses and swimsuits!

Hilltop Bel Air Estate (Los Angeles)

#2 Kitchen

There’s no need to squeeze the wine opener in your carry on when your Airbnb kitchen comes equipped with utensils and appliances fit for a chef.

#3 Free Parking

Whether cruising around in a van or a convertible, travelers need a place to park their set of wheels. Of the more than 5 million listings on Airbnb, 3 million of them provide free parking.

#4 Pet Friendly

In a committed relationship with your pet? Airbnb’s amenity survey showed that in the US, 31% of single people prioritize pet-friendly amenities, compared to 23% of married respondents. With over one million active pet-friendly listings globally, you can bring them along on your next trip.

Cozy Beach Bungalow (Los Angeles)

#5 Air Conditioning

Coming in strong at number five, air conditioning is one of the most important indoor amenities. After a day of lounging by the pool, retreat to the comfort of AC and pour a cool drink.

Villa Penthouse with a View (Capetown, South Africa)

#6 Wireless Internet

It’s important to stay connected with WiFi, especially for millennials who are doing it for the ‘gram. According to the commissioned survey, this generation in the US considers social media worthy accommodations a major factor when booking a stay.

#7 Washer

Functional amenities like a washer – which is more important than the dryer – are highly appreciated, especially when traveling with kids or needing to recycle a few vacation outfits.

#8 Jacuzzi

Is there anything more luxurious than a jacuzzi with a breathtaking view? Travelers from all over the world enjoy this amenity.

Opulent Mansion with Pool (Toronto, Canada)

#9 Television

After a full day exploring a new place, kick back at the Airbnb and watch a film on this top amenity. Even better when the home features a theater complete with a high-end sound system.

#10 Heating

Airbnb’s commissioned survey found US travelers say comfort is most important when booking accommodations. Rounding out the list at number 10, it’s no surprise that travelers like to stay warm when it’s cold outside just as they like to stay cool when it’s hot.

*Airbnb commissioned a survey of 8,629 individuals across the US, Canada, Australia, China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Germany, Spain, Argentina and Italy ages 18 and over via Pollfish in July 2018 to better understand what amenities modern travelers crave most and how they differ by location and age.  

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