Thinking of making a move? Try out a new city, with Airbnb

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives – including the way in which we work, travel and live. For many, the remote working trend sparked by the pandemic has created a more flexible lifestyle, providing opportunities to move closer to family or seek a lower cost of living, and empowering us to live anywhere. 

As some consumers think through relocating, they are looking to the local, hosted stays enabled by Airbnb as a way to consider their options before making their decision. In a new Airbnb survey, 44 percent of consumers across five countries are interested in trying out a new city before buying a home there, including 47 percent of Americans. Specifically, 62 percent of US survey respondents who identify as Latinx and 50 percent who identify as Black – as well as 50 percent of Californians – are open to the idea of “try before you buy”.

Earlier this year, Airbnb announced a new partnership with Tulsa Remote – the leading organization working to build a thriving community of remote workers in Tulsa – to provide members with gift cards for stays to “try before they buy” a new home. Today, Airbnb is expanding this program, to support even more cities that are tapping into the “try before you buy” trend and to help remote workers to discover everything that life in a new town could offer. 

“As the work landscape continues to shift and allow for a more flexible work style, we are excited for the opportunity Tulsa Remote offers remote professionals who now have the ability to relocate. We are thrilled to continue our ‘try before you buy’ partnership with Airbnb to enable prospective Tulsa Remote members to explore the city like a local. This benefit has been a valuable way to welcome prospective members into the Tulsa community from the moment they step foot in Oklahoma.”

Ben Stewart, Executive Director of Tulsa Remote

Through this program, Airbnb will partner with remote working initiatives across the United States, providing their members with Airbnb coupons to visit their city; sharing data and insights on the remote working and “try before you buy” trends; collaborate on Airbnb Online Experiences to introduce their city to anyone who may be considering relocation and answer questions on local life; and more. Current partners include:

“What started out as a vision to develop West Virginia’s premier remote worker recruitment program has quickly transformed into a national movement. The Ascend WV program is proud to partner with Airbnb on developing ways to elevate and expand our program offerings to those interested in moving to the mountains of West Virginia. The Mountain State’s culture, outdoor recreation and warm hospitality can best be found through unique stays and experiences, and that’s exactly what Airbnb brings to the table. I appreciate Airbnb’s willingness to support these growing workforce trends and look forward to crafting a unique partnership for all Ascend WV applicants,” said Brad Smith, Ascend WV Founder and Chairman of Intuit.

“As consumers think through relocating, local, hosted stays enabled by Airbnb provide a fantastic option to explore neighborhoods before making a decision,” said Barbara Stapleton, vice president of business retention and talent initiatives at Go Topeka. “Through this partnership, potential residents will be able to ‘try before you buy,’ prior to making the commitment to the Choose Topeka program – and can truly experience what life could look like here if selected.”

“Northwest Arkansas consistently ranks as one of best places to live in the country due to its fast-growing economy and unique quality of life. The collaboration with Airbnb will give potential residents a taste of our thriving community, and we’re certain they will experience how perfectly Life Works Here,” said Nelson Peacock, President and CEO of the Northwest Arkansas Council.

“We are excited to partner with Airbnb to help expand the number of talented people who call Maine home. While our state has been well-known for our fresh air, clean water and diverse geography, the year 2020 saw thousands of people from all around the world discover their new home in communities from the southern tip of our state to the northern border with Canada. This has given us a once in a lifetime opportunity to welcome those folks Home to Maine, and provide them with opportunities and confidence to stay. The “Maine Benefits Package” of world-class quality of life applies to our entire state, but the choice of community and amenities out your backdoor varies widely. Our partnership with Airbnb will give us the tools to help many people upgrade their quality of life, discover the right career, and call Maine home,” said Nate Wildes, Executive Director for Live + Work in Maine.

“P33 is thrilled to partner with Airbnb on their effort to make it easy for tech talent across the country to experience all the wonderful things Chicago has to offer,” said Erin Amico, Chief Marketing Officer for P33. 

“The Shoals EDA is delighted to partner with Airbnb to provide Remote Shoals participants new avenues to explore and experience our community. We’re grateful to Airbnb for supporting our efforts of inviting remote workers to call The Shoals home and are eager to see this partnership flourish,” said Mackenzie Cottles, Marketing & Communications Specialist for Remote Shoals.

“Remote Tucson is very excited to partner with Airbnb to provide additional value for individuals and families in our program. As our candidates are considering a relocation, getting a feel for where they might live within our city is so important. By giving them the option to try out a neighborhood at Airbnb properties, they’ll be able to choose a new home that fits their relocation goals and truly lets them plug into our community,” said Liz Pocock, CEO of Remote Tucson.

Airbnb will continue to work with other organizations, to support them in tapping into the remote working trend and promoting their communities. Any nonprofit or government looking to partner with Airbnb through this program can learn more information and get in touch here.

And for those  considering relocating to a new place, Airbnb has rounded up some of our most wishlisted listings in a few thriving remote working communities, to perhaps “try out” life in a new potential home.