Vancouver Island: Why We Want to Visit in 2020

Sitting in the Pacific Ocean on Canada’s west coast is Vancouver Island, over 12,000 square miles of volcanic rock, dense rainforest, thriving arts communities and of course, the cutest of Canada’s critters: chipmunks, sea otters and porcupines. With a population of just 775,000, it’s the perfect place to retreat into seclusion. Many homes on the island are nestled amongst soaring conifer trees and some are bookable on Airbnb.

Host John Fowler built his dome house on Vancouver Island 47 years ago and has hosted guests in the east wing of the home since 2011.

We have travelled to many beautiful places in the world but are always happy to return to the tranquility and beauty of Vancouver Island.

John Fowler

Other islander hosts include Christina who describes the island as simply breathtaking, with endless adventures. Catherine enjoys watching surfers and whales from her homes and giving guests a “refuge of wildness”. 

Here are just a few homes on Airbnb to convince us to visit Vancouver Island in 2020:

Credit: Christina Tarrant
Credit: Kimberly Kufaas

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