Women Hosts Have Earned Nearly $20 Billion on Airbnb

  • Women hosts earned nearly $10 billion in the past year
  • Women make up the majority of home hosts (55%) and Experience hosts (50%) worldwide, and make up as many as 70% of hosts in some countries like New Zealand
  • Women in Japan earned the most on average ($10,000 per year), while women in the United States earned the most overall ($3 billion in past year)

Hosts are the heart of Airbnb, and women are continuing to lead the way. Last year on International Women’s Day, we announced that women hosts had earned $10 billion on Airbnb since 2008. This year, we’re thrilled to report that earnings for women hosts are accelerating: Just in the last year, women hosts have earned nearly another $10 billion by sharing their homes and passions on Airbnb.

Last year, we were proud to announce that women made $10 billion on Airbnb since the company was founded in 2008. This year, we are thrilled to share that in the past year alone, women have made almost an additional $10 billion and represent more than half of the Airbnb community.

Clearly, women are a driving force of the Airbnb community, and we are proud to provide the end-to-end travel platform for their entrepreneurial spirit to thrive.

Brian Chesky, Airbnb Co-founder, CEO and Head of Community

earned by women hosts on Airbnb in  the past year alone

of home hosts are women

earned by women hosts in the US last year, the most overall for any country

Women make up the majority of hosts overall: Among Experience Hosts, 50% are women, and 55% of home hosts are women. Women make up a larger majority in some countries, like New Zealand (70% women), South Africa (63%) and the Philippines (61%). Vietnam is one of our fastest-growing markets for women, with women hosts more than doubling in the last year.

Women are also among the most successful hosts, with women in the United States making the most overall last year, earning roughly $3 billion total. On average, women in Japan earned the most per host ($10,000 per year), followed by the Cook Islands ($8,000 per year).

Lou Lou, host of a chic  garden house     in   Shanghai

Jo-Ann, host of a modern bohemian home in Los Angeles

Insiya, host of a  beautiful Victorian condominium     in   San Francisco

Whether it’s sharing a home or an Experience, we are proud to support women worldwide by providing a platform for entrepreneurship. And we’re continually inspired by many of the women hosts who have used Airbnb to change their lives through hospitality, earn money, and reach their goals.

Inga, Cape Town. Growing up, Inga sought a support system that would help empower her to reach her dreams. She found that in Boxgirls, which provides after-school sport and leadership training to young girls. Inga now inspires others in her home of Khayelitsha as an advocate for girls and women’s rights. It is this mission that inspired Inga to share the philosophy with others by offering the Help Empower Girls Through Boxing Experience, which teaches guests how Boxgirls’ work empowers young women before throwing them into the ring for a Boxgirls session of their own.

Chiara, Rome. Chiara’s Experience, Handmade Pasta With Grandma, was born out of necessity. After finding herself jobless and a new mother, she moved to a tiny village near Rome to be with her energetic 81-year-old nonna. They began teaching pasta making workshops on Airbnb, and captured hearts for their cooking techniques and warm hospitality. Roughly a year later, they have more than 200 reviews for their Experience.

Amy, San Francisco. A fashion designer by day, Amy began using Airbnb to build on another passion: Empowering women through skills training. Now host of Learn to Sew with a Fashion Designer, Amy’s social impact Experience supports LONA, a nonprofit focusing on education and job creation projects for women. It’s also one of the more in-demand Experiences in San Francisco, showing guests how to sew their own scarves.

Gayatri, Bali. As a marine conservation pioneer and founder of Yayasan LINI, Gayatri’s mission is to protect Bali’s coral reefs by teaching others about sustainable fish breeding, and in particular rearing and caring for tropical fish such as the clownfish. Being an Experience host of   Rebuilding Bali’s coral reefs   helps Gayatri support this important work by generating income for the organization and spreading understanding of conservation to guests.

Katerina, Prague. Katerina’s Jewelry Upcycle Workshop Experience helps power Metráž/Yardage, a low-threshold workshop for women in need who have been endangered by poverty, violence, or homelessness, where they make quality design jewelry in cooperation with Czech designers. Guests will make their own piece of unique jewelry alongside Metráž/Yardage clients while helping provide help, support, knowledge and earnings to women in need. Metráž/Yardage also emphasizes quality and eco-friendly products by upcycling and making use of fashion production waste.

Adriana and Marcia, Buenos Aires. Adriana and Marcia are the founders of Hecho por Nosotros, an NGO created in 2008 to foster the concepts of ethical and sustainable fashion in the global textile industry while promoting local development of Andean communities. Through their Andes Artisans Experience, Adriana and Marcia give guests the opportunity to touch and feel the unique and exclusive products made carefully by the artisans living in the Andes, while learning the nearly extinct techniques used to create them.

Anne, Shanghai. Anne and her friends are all local Shanghainese and passionate lovers of the city. After working for a travel company for several years, Anne decided to pursue her passion for her home city and started organizing her own city architectural walks through Shanghai on Airbnb. Born out of her desire to show the human side of the city as well as its architecture, Anne provides visitors to this buzzing city the opportunity to experience its various sides, including its colonial history, and learn about the stories that have shaped its character.

In addition to our millions of incredible women hosts, we also proudly partner with organizations supporting female entrepreneurs around the globe.

  • In India, Airbnb is working with the   Self-Employed Women’s Association of India, one of the country’s largest female trade unions, to promote opportunities for rural women.
  • Airbnb’s partnership with Vital Voices    has supported the travel needs of women entrepreneurs to travel for networking and professional development opportunities.
  • Airbnb has also partnered with Open Africa   to empower women from rural areas across the Western Cape through hospitality.

Airbnb has worked with SP Business (SP Negócios), a branch of the Sao Paulo City Hall, to promote female entrepreneurship    in the technology sector in Brazil by hosting female entrepreneurs at the Airbnb offices in San Francisco.