What Makes a Top Listing: Amenities Include Workspaces, Pet-friendly Play

As we’ve shared recently, new Hosts who have only one listing and have welcomed their first guests during the pandemic have earned over $1 billion sharing their space on Airbnb. These new Hosts, and those who were already hosting, are benefitting from pent-up demand for the type of meaningful travel that Airbnb best enables – demand we believe will continue through 2021 and beyond. 

For those considering becoming a Host, the time to take advantage of this economic opportunity is now. We know this consideration comes with many questions, including: What makes a listing on Airbnb successful? Here are the most searched for amenities that drive bookings, and secrets for successful hosting from some of the highest-rated Superhosts across the globe.  

Amenities to live and work anywhere

Guests are looking for listings that enable them to live and work anywhere:

  • Wireless internet is the #4 top-searched amenity this year. 
  • Hosts who add laptop-friendly workspace earn 14% more than those who don’t.
  • Hosts who add cooking basics earn 17% more compared to those who don’t.

As the pandemic pet boom continues, guests are looking for listings that allow them to bring their furry friends along, and that have outdoor space for them to roam in. In fact, searches for gardens and backyards increased by 343 percent compared to last year. “Pet-friendly” is also the most searched for amenity by guests so far this year, and searches made with the “allows pets” filter have increased 65 percent since January 2021 compared to the same time period last year. 

  • Hosts who add this amenity will see 6% more bookings over the next year than those who don’t.

Pandemic uncertainty is also something that remains top of mind for potential travelers, encouraging flexibility for their travel arrangements. In 2021 to date, more than one-third of people searching our platform have been flexible in terms of the dates or location of their stay

  • Hosts who add self check-in will earn 13% more over the next year than those who don’t.
  • Hosts who add Instant Book will earn 12% more over the next year than those who don’t.

Tracie and Jeff, Superhosts of Trinity Treehouse

Secrets from Superhosts

Great Hosts on Airbnb create travel experiences that feel easily and safely immersive, giving their guests the keys to the comforts of home and license to explore like a local. Sometimes, this feeling is provided through more than tangible amenities, but in the experience Hosts provide. In 2020, one in four guest reviews mentioned the Host’s helpfulness, communication or friendliness.

Some of the top Superhosts with the highest percentage of five-star reviews around the world are revealing their best tips for those considering opening up their homes and welcoming guests’ pent-up demand for connection. From jacuzzis – currently trending 79 percent year-over-year in guest searches – to unique design, here are some ways to exceed guest expectations as told by Superhosts:

1. Details matter: “Our guests love being in a well-designed treehouse full of original art and hand-crafted surroundings. [Guests] also love special touches like fluffy socks for their use and flannel blankets for the fire pit. Always try to surpass expectations and don’t over sell your listing.”
- Tracie + Jeff (Stonecrest, GA, United States)
2. Inspire through design: “No matter if it's a studio apartment or a mansion, experiment a little with design features that challenge the ordinary. It makes hosting more fun and challenges guests to embrace concepts they may not have dared to in their own homes.”
- Scott (Bridgewater, Australia)
3. Character counts: “My house is an expression of myself. My guests can sense yoga, culture, art, cooking and traveling. It is exactly how I like to live. My guests love that. Guests prefer something really original and unique, not only a nice decorated house.”
- Danyra (Mexico City, Mexico)
4. Create a cozy atmosphere: “The outdoor whirlpool is one of the highlights for our guests. People love sitting in the hot bubbling water while gazing at the stars and listening to the owls at nighttime. On their first night we provide a glass of champagne and light torches and candles.”
- Inga + Martin (Hayingen, Germany)
5. Overcommunicate and be flexible: “Real lived-in spaces are not always perfect, but if you communicate early and offer suggestions, guests are accommodating and happy. Don’t run away from issues and see your guests as partners in creating the best experience you can.”
- Justin (Pemberton, Canada)
6. Cater to families through local touches: “Especially in 2020, people wanted a private place only for family because of COVID-19. So in the summer, I prepare a little pool in the garden for kids to play. Also, I prepare some traditional Korean playing toys (games). People think of the old days and memories of their own.”
- Suky (Seoul, South Korea)
7. Keep service top of mind: “Write your listing to invite people who value and enjoy the same things you do. We are there for anything people need such as setting up a bonfire or supplying specialty cookware or gadgets for the kitchen. We give guests all the privacy they desire but if they want to talk, we are there to chat!”
- Jamie + Chris (Nashville, TN, United States)
8. Think about accessibility: “We were able to make some really easy modifications that allow us to welcome guests with different mobility needs. We made our space step free throughout the ground floor and the outdoor areas (including the hot tub!) and we have modified the ground floor bedroom and bathroom to be intentionally accessible.”
- Samantha (Combe Martin, United Kingdom)
8. Advertise the outdoor space: “I think it's likely that what drew us to this house is what guests love about it - the land. It sits on 5 1/2 acres, so being able to run outside in the open field, or lay in the grass and watch the stars, makes it more than just a cabin.”
- Kate (Fleischmans, NY, United States)