A prosperous and responsible future for hosting across the EU

For citizens across the EU, hosting on the Airbnb platform represents a significant economic opportunity – to supplement existing income and to drive more economic benefit to local communities. The EU is home to more Hosts on Airbnb than anywhere else in the world and the vast majority of Hosts share one listing. Last year, these Hosts welcomed more guests from within Europe than any other region. The vast majority of Hosts share one listing and the typical EU Host earned nearly €4,000 in 2023. For many Hosts, the income they earn on Airbnb provides a vital economic lifeline. Nearly half of EU Hosts (41%) said they host on Airbnb to make ends meet. Nearly two-thirds (62%) said they plan to use the income from hosting to cover the rising cost of living.

Get to know the Airbnb Host community in the EU and in your country through our interactive map below. 

With the ongoing cost of living crisis and its impact on families and local communities, creating and growing economic opportunity for everyday Europeans has become more important than ever. However, many everyday Hosts are unfairly prevented from accessing the economic opportunities brought by home-sharing due to onerous and disproportionate local rules – often designed with large-scale tourism players in mind. 

This is why Airbnb welcomes the new EU short-term rental rules as a watershed moment for Airbnb and our industry. For the last two years Airbnb has called for an EU-wide approach to short-term rental rules that will help make regulations more consistent across the bloc. Platforms and authorities will have clear guidance on how to share data and it should become simpler for Hosts to register with their local authority and adhere to proportionate rules.

Airbnb’s priority is to expand our work with cities and governments to support the families who host and help tackle local concerns such as housing. We want to be good partners and will take the opportunity of new EU rules to kickstart a new chapter in our collaborations with governments across the EU.

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